VERDORE' Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made with love, patience and passion by combining the respect for nature with the philosophy of healthful, natural food. Known since 1552 B.C., it is the staple ingredient at the basis of the Mediterranean Diet. It is excellent for its aroma and flavour and gives all dishes a special taste, even if it is used in small quantities. VERDORE' Extra Virgin Olive Oil reduces cholesterol level. It is beneficial to most human body functions: it aids in proper digestion and it has protective action on the heart and the arteries. It is rich in anti-oxidizing agents, such as vitamin A, E, and F which defend against cell ageing. Due to its acidic content, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is similar to mother's milk, therefore it is recommended in the alimentation of the child. Dieticians suggest its use in the elderly's diet because of its digestability.